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Assignment Memes

Student life memes are constantly circulating on social media. I am constantly tagging my university friends in memes that totally relate to us as students. Here are some of the memes that us a university student you will relate to!

1. Chandler from friends meme

University can be pretty overwhelming, with everything you feel like you should be doing, when all you really want to do is stay in bed and watch Netflix. Not only do you feel like you should go to all your lectures and finish your assignments, you also need to consider getting a job to earn money/experience and look at enhancing your employability skills! Chandler from friends perfectly sums up have every uni student feels at some point.

2. Treat yo self

So you’ve finally decided to start the revision for that all important exam. After all that hard work opening your laptop, finding the lecture slides and getting all your notes together, surely you deserve a little treat?!

3. Why you always lying? guy meme

If you don’t know who this famous face off all memes is… this is the guy that sings a song called ‘why you always lying?’ I’m sure you can connect the dots and see why you totally relate to him. I can hear him singing as soon as I see that smiling face.

4.Wake up meme

Your alarm goes off for your 9am lecture, you snooze it. And this goes on for the next 20 minutes. Then you start to wonder if these early starts are really worth the degree. In hind sight probably are…maybe.

5. When you’re not sure what your doing for your assignment

You start an assignment but you soon realise you’re out of the depth and have no idea what was going on. You start writing in the hope that you come out with something half decent.

6. ‘Sorry I can’t go out this weekend’ starter pack

It’s been a long week of snoozing your alarm and trying to writing your essays. All your flatmates are on about a big night out this weekend. But you say ‘sorry I can’t go out this weekend I have too much work to do’ when in reality you will just laze around in bed and watch Netflix.

7. Cancelled lecture emails

You will learn that getting a cancelled lecture email is so much better than a good morning text. However when you get the email when you’re already in the lecture hall 3 minutes before it is about to start… not so good!

8. ‘University is a walk in the park’ meme

Did anyone else get told ‘University is a lot easier than A levels because you are only doing one subject’. Well it definitely doesn’t feel like it. When you have 4 different modules, it feels like your back in that A level classroom trying to juggle all them lessons! However you do have a lot more free time to make up for it!

9. Philip Schofe meme

Philip Schofe snapchat story totally sums up at least 1 day of your week. You have 1 lecture or class early in the morning and once that is over, you’ve done enough for the day and you can go home after that ‘long day’ of being a student

10. Salt guy meme

This salt guy is thought to be the ‘meme of January’. It totally sums up the feeling of using one of these eight words in an essay. ‘I’ll just sprinkle a bit of thus here and furthermore there’.

I hope this gave you a bit of a laugh in your haze of revision and essay writing 🙂

Like this:


Mates and Instagram Moments

Do you know what a meme is?  You probably do even if you don't know you do!  It's just something (usually funny) that gets passed around on the internet.

Here's an interesting article defending memes as an artform, if you are interested!

Here's an example (click to view larger) of a What You Think I Do meme.  (In this case, it's about the profession of teaching.)   (Please note that not every example you could find on the internet would be classroom-appropriate.)

Now it's your turn to take the character of Gatsby (for this assignment, you don't have a choice of characters) and create a meme (in this case, one image) that shows how other characters perceive him.  The grid you worked on in class will help you complete this task.
Your meme will say Gatsby at the top, and then your captions might be something like "How Nick sees him" or "How Tom sees him."  One of your captions might also be "How he sees himself."  Remember that your meme could be both funny and accurate (as far as other characters' feelings.)
To create your meme, go to this website and add your images and captions.  Upon completing it, make sure you either download it (so that you can send it to me in an e-mail, as an image file) or tweet it @EHSMrsJ.Note:  I'm not sure if you can save this as a work in progress, so you may want to make sure you have selected all of your images before you begin creating your meme.
  • Creativity                                                            20 pts.
  • Accuracy                                                              20 pts.
  •  Completion and attention to detail               20 pts.
  • Explanation paper (given in class)               20 pts./80

Note:  If you don’t like to use the Internet, no big deal.  Enough information will be presented in class for you to complete the assignment successfully either way.  As always, good class attendance and productive use of provided class time will best help you complete the assignment and/or to earn your best grade.

Additional disclaimer:

Mrs. J. doesn’t endorse/condone students using meme generators (or anything on the Internet) inappropriately on school time or on school computers. 

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