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 18 Oct 2015, 20:26

I am actually surprised at the lack of reviews on essay editing services. It's probably because it has not become a part of most consulting services.
But I just wanted to start this thread and get people to compare their experiences on essay editing services.
For me, I did not want to spend $$$ on consulting services, so did the most of app preparation myself and only used editing services to improve the quality of my essays.
From my experience,

1. fxmbaconsulting: pretty slow at responding to msgs and questions. She seems to be handling all her clients by herself, and it shows that it's overwhelming for her. She is a good consultant, but expect a relatively longer turnaround time.
2. Essayedge: please save yourself time and money by staying away from essayedge.com. I was very disappointed at the level of their service. It was always a struggle to get a hold of my editor, and she had absolutely no real background in editing MBA essays. She WAS a Harvard graduate, but, for a master's degree in math or something. Basically, I don't recommend them.
3. Topadmit: Don't be fooled by its low price. I only used it for a short essay, but did not see any significant improvement or changes. After I expressed my disappointment, he made TWO minor changes and basically stopped responding. I am not sure if this was a matter of a bad editor or if this is the case for its service in entirety, but I wouldn't go back to them for another editing job.
4. Gurufi.com: I found out about gurufi.com from a med school forum, and ended up choosing "Brian" based on his popularity and reviews. I can't say enough about how happy I was when I got my essays back. I think he's almost a magician when it comes down to making your essays look much refined and stylistic without disrupting your original tone or msg. He responds to your questions very quickly, and keeps working on your essay until you are satisfied. I almost find it unfortunate for other applicants that he is not mentioned much on this forum. EVERYONE should go to Brian for essay editing. Having said that, because I have no experience with other editors on gurufi.com, my comments are only valid for Brian.

Lets get this thread going, and other ppl can comment on other editing services out there.


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  • For applicants who have finished drafting MBA or business school essays or MBA statements of purpose who require MBA essay editing services (programs including MBA/M.S. in Finance/M.S. in Accounting).
  • For applicants who want their MBA essays to be substantially improved or the quality checked by our top MBA editors, and who want their essays to stand out from hundreds of thousands of MBA applicants.

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About the service

  • Top Admit will try to distribute your essays to editors who specialize in MBA application essay editing.
  • Please separately purchase the MBA admissions essay editing services for each essay with a specific essay prompt, or with substantially different content.
  • This service is not applicable for résumé / CV editing and recommendation letter editing
  • Second Edit Guidelines:
    1. After we return your first edit, you can modify your essay (within 200 words) by using Track Changes for a free second edit opportunity within 7 days.
    2. The second edit is not applicable for adding additional schools, information, or completely rewriting the MBA essay, as the word count needs to be identical to the original service that was purchased.
    3. Second edit turnaround: 24-48 hours.

Work Process


Step 1

Register and fill in your information.

Step 3

The Top Admit editor will return the essay within the specified timeframe.

Step 4

Upload your revised essay -- if you want one additional edit.

Step 5

Case closes, and you have an opportunity to rate your editor.


Required time

48 hours is standard; there is an extra 50% charge for 24-hour service.


Words (See Right Table)Fee (USD)
0 - 300 words$ 89
301 – 600 words$ 179
601 – 900 words$ 269
901 - 1200 words$ 359
1201 - 1500 words$ 449
1501 - 2000 words$ 599
2001 - 2500 words$ 749
2501 - 3000 words$ 899
3001 - 4000 words$ 1199

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