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Short Essays On Onam

There are many types of festivals Celebrated in India, in which the Onam festival is also included. These festivals are celebrated primarily by Keralites in the month of August or September. On this day people in Kerala share sweets and give a message to all to be with brotherhood.

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Short Essay on Onam for School Students in English

Even behind this festival there is a legendary story of King Mahabali, Keralites celebrate this festival in honor of their ancient Maharaja. During the Onam festival, the fields are in Kerala with lush green vegetation. Seeing this, the farmers and the people living there have peace and happiness.

There is also a belief in Kerala that King Mahabali is present with us this day, and we pray for the Kallawans’ kalanan. This festival is also called Thiru Onam or Shravan Mahotsav.

Onam is specially a festival of farmers. On the occasion of Onam, the farmer is not able to see his cropped crops, hence it is also known as Harvest Festival or festival of crops. Onam festival is celebrated in the joy of the arrival of King Mahabali. There is also a belief that King Mahabali himself is present on the auspicious occasion of Onam, therefore, in order to please his King, the Keralites consider it very much every year. Onam is also known as Thiru Onam and Shravan Mahotsav.
India’s culture has its greatest potential in its variation. Unity in diversity is the beauty of India. There are some festivals and traditions in India that are celebrated equally everywhere. But there are some festivals and festivals that are celebrated only in a particular region or state.

Such as Baisakhi and Durga Pooja. The festival of Baisakhi is celebrated in Punjab with great festivity. During Durga Puja, there is a lively initiative in Bengal. The only such festival celebrated at the regional level is Onam. It is celebrated with the same joy in the state of south India in Kerala as the festival of Diwali is celebrated in northern India. This is the main festival of Kerala.

There is a legend. A king named Mahabali used to rule in Kerala. He was an ideal king. The people were happy in their rule. He loved the people very much He was justified. All were equal for them. There was no discrimination between small and large. There was happiness and prosperity everywhere. Mahabalis were very great. The subjects were not only their fans but devotees. The people believed in them and worshiped them. His popularity with the deities was not seen.

A conspiracy was formed. At the request of King Indra, Vishnu took the Vaman incarnation. He came to the King Bali by making the disguise of the Brahmin. To pay austerity, three pagas from the king demanded the donation. King sacrifices were already from the grandmother and huge heart.

A Brahmin asked for land for penance and he did not let it happen. Therefore, King Bali offered without permission, to allow that Brahmin to take three pounds of land, wherever he wishes. In the form of a Brahmin, Lord Vishnu himself was God. They have taken a great form.

In one step, the people of the land and the second leg took the paradise. The land fell short for the third stage. King Mahabali was sure of his word. Something had to be done, King Bali made his head in front of Vishnu for measuring the third step.

Now Vishnu has got everything from sacrifice. Therefore, Vishnu ordered the sacrifice to be in the hollow But before the departure of Patala people, sacrifice was allowed to sacrifice a sacrifice. King sacrificed his subjects a lot. Therefore, he asked for a boon that he would be given an opportunity to see the happiness and misery of his people once a year. Mahabalira’s prayer was accepted.

Therefore, say every year, King Bali come to see their subjects in the Shravan nakshatra. In the Malayalam language from the Shravan Nakshatra, ‘Onam’ is called a constellation. On that day the people there are very much awaiting their beloved king with reverence. On that day, an atmosphere of happiness and prosperity is presented which gives this proof to King Mahabali, the people here are happy and happy. Earth is decorated on the occasion of Onam. By Rangoli, the earth is mother’s body.

The statues of Vishnu and Raja Bali are established on the earth adorned by Rangoli. On the occasion of Onam, worship of Mahabali along with Vishnu is also done. Children-young people, and old people all eagerly await this day. New clothes are tailored. Organizing songs, music and various cultural events takes place. There are festivals in the temples. Boat races and elephants’ procession attract people especially on the occasion of Onam.

Raja Mahabali was the ideal of people. He was a donor. Therefore, on the occasion of Onam, rich people have made open donations to poor people. There are folk dances on the day of Onam. Kathakali dance is the popular dance of Kerala. The women wear white saris and dance on the hair by decorating flowers. The festival of Onam is celebrated by people of all religions by mutual love and harmony.

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Speech Delivered by: Madhav Prasanth
Age: 7 Years
School: ICSK,Kuwait
Subject:  Simple Speech about ‘Onam’
Mode: Easy
Target Age Group- 6,7,8,9 years, Students of Class- 1,2,3,4

Respected Judges, teachers and my dear friends,

Good Morning to you all

Today, I would like to talk about my favorite festival, Onam.Onam is a harvest festival, celebrated especially in Kerala during the month of August or September. The celebrations last for 10 days. The legend says that Mahabali, the great king who once ruled world visits his people during these days every year to take a stock about his kingdom. This boon was given to him by Vamana who sent him to Patala due to the influence of Devas. The first day of Onam is called Atham.During these days, we decorate our home with flowers arranged in circular shape called pookalam.Children wake up early and pluck flowers from adjacent places to make pookalam.During the next nine days pookalam made in variety shapes and sizes  are arranged in home courtyard. The final day of Onam is called Thiruvonam. The day marks family get togethers, gifts exchanges and traditional feasts.

This year I was fortunate to celebrate Onam with my grandparents and relatives. We woke up early and decorated our home courtyard. Myself and My brother got new dress from my grandparents and aunts. My mother and grandmother prepared a traditional Onasadya. My most favorite dish in Onasadya was my mom’s Palada dessert.Late in the evening we went out for an outing in the park. I  missed my father who couldn’t join with us because he was in Kuwait.Onam remains as one of my favorite festival.

Thank You.

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