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Rubric For Illustration Essay Enc 1101

For this assignment, review the feedback posted from your writing community Illustration/Example Essay: Writing Community Review, work your way through the revising, proofreading, and editing stages of your writing process, and submit the complete your final version.


1. Review the grading rubric as listed on this page.

2. Access your Illustration/Example Essay in your Google Drive (this doc should already have your PREWRITING, FIRST DRAFT, REVERSE OUTLINE, and SUBSEQUENT DRAFT included).

3. Access the Illustration/Example Essay: Writing Community Review discussion feedback from a peer for your draft.

4. Copy and paste the Writing Community Review feedback into your Illustration/Example Essay in your Google Drive.

5. Review the Writing Community Review feedback.

6. Copy and paste your SUBSEQUENT DRAFT in your Illustration/Example Essay in your Google Drive.  This will become the FINAL VERSION of the essay.

7. Apply any suggestions from the Writing Community Review to your FINAL VERSION. 

8. Work through the revising, proofreading and editing stages of the writing process to your FINAL VERSION.

9. Format the FINAL VERSION of your Illustration/Example Essay according to the following:

  • 3-4 typed, double-spaced pages (about 600-750 words), 12 pt font size, Times New Roman or Arial font; and
  • MLA or APA formatting (see the Style Formatting Of Papers page as needed).

10. Label each stage of your Illustration/Example essay paper with Headings as follows:

  • Prewriting
  • First Draft
  • Reverse Outline
  • Subsequent Draft
  • Writing Community Review Feedback
  • Final Version 

11. Download your Google Doc complete writing process as a .docx (select File, Download as, choose .docx) to your computer.

12. Select  in the upper right of the page.

13. Submit the Illustration/Example Essay Complete Writing Process as a .docx file.

14. Post the URL your Illustration/Example Essay: Complete Writing Process Google Doc to your WordPress site.

15. Tweet your Illustration/Example Essay: Complete Writing Process WordPress URL. Copy and paste the URL of your complete essay WordPress post with the following to your academic/professional Twitter site:

Illustration/Example Essay @RondaNeugebauer @2Shaye #COLG176

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Essay Topics & Rubrics

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”     Albert Einstein

1101: A to Z (Small Essay 1)     New Rubric Checklist

1101:  Narrative (Essay 2)    750 words     Narrative Rubric  

1101:  Descriptive (Essay 3) 850 words Descriptive Checklist (details about essay & essay examples in book!) TOPIC

1101:  Illustration (Small Essay 4) 1.5 pages or 500 words or more 

1101:  FINAL: Narrative Revision (will look at this as a new 750 word essay with +333 words)                

NOTE: will add Description Essay Topics & Rubric later. will add Illustration Essay Topics & Rubric later



*Sites to Avoid for Finding Quotes *            




Sample Student Essays   

Narrative: (Click here for more online narrative essays )

Lost Worms in a Golden Apple ('A')

Standing on the Sidelines (A)

Don't Pen This On Me ('A-')

A Country Peach in the Big Apple   ('B+') 

Hot Dog Stand (A-)

Musical Spotlight  ('A/B+')

web essay #1: “El Chapereke” (‘A’)

web essays #2: “Josie’s Triumph” (‘B-’)

web essay #3: “8 Cow bracelet” (‘A’) 


A to Z Small Essays: Requirement -- 4 Types of Description & Sentence Variation List

A Ritual

Another Day in the Life of an Assassin

The Precise Puzzle

Old Man at the Diner

Harvest Moon Delirium

more student examples found in text


Descriptive Essay

Student examples found in text


Illustration Essay

Student examples found in text



Reader Response 1-4 (1-2 pages) and Rubric Checklist

#2: Broken Vietnamese Blossom

#3: Noi Fan Club

#3: Newton's Dirty Secret (Work Cited Missing)

#4: Sonny and Jane (Work Cited Missing - this is from the text and not the best essay - why?)



Samples from Western TC  

French Fried: The Fried Potato Bombs - good example (negation in red, thesis underlined but where def.?)

The Bar of Sugary Death - ok example (negation in red, thesis underlined and def. is in green) but what about quotes from quote source? These support nothing.

Twinkies: Yellow Death - good example (negation in red, thesis underlined but where def.?)

Human Flourishing (Happiness -- can you find the 4 parts of the INTRO?)



Lit Analysis (900-1350 words) and Rubric   
Guide to Before Beginning to Write Literary Analysis & Guide to Writing Literary Analysis

- not a book report!!!

Absolute Truth in Life {Bierce & Orwell} (A) 

Lethal Housewives {Glaspell & Dahl} (A-)

 Cost of Death {Obrien & Tan} (B/B+)

Rude Awakening {Carver & Updike} (C+ only because missing summary paragraph, secondary sources, and required length; otherwise would be 'A')

The Different Views of Home {Capote & Didion} (B+/A- because of thesis and sources)

Death Reveals a Beauty in Life {Tan & O'Brien} (B+/A-)

Carpe Diem {Didion & White} (A-)



Research paper and Rubric Checklist

 Sample Annotated Bibliography(more formal)

Scaffold for Topic Proposal & for Annotated Bibliography

Example 1 on conscription: (hook?)

Example 2 on cell phones (found online)

Example 3 on wolves (commnet - a good grammar website)

Example 4 on UN Sanctions (missing hook)





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