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Unit 27 Challenging Behaviour Essay

P1: Describe the characteristic and causes of challenging behaviour

In this assignment I will defined the word challenging behaviour and describe the characteristics and causes of challenging behaviour.   These are Physical abuse, Verbal abuse and Self- Destructive behaviour.
Challenging behaviour has been used to refer to the “difficult” or “problem” behaviours which may be shown by children or adults with a learning disability including Aggression (e.g. hitting) Self injury (e.g. eye poking ,hand   biting, head banging) Destruction ( e.g. throwing objects)
Challenging behaviour can take place anywhere. It can occur in any care environment and affect individual with a range of clinical conditions, such as dementia, delirium, head or brain injury, tumour, substance abuse, mental health condition and learning disabilities
Physical Abuse:   Basically involves a person using physical force which causes, or could cause harm. It can include: scratching or biting, pushing or shoving, slapping, kicking, chocking or strangling, use of weapons. In severe cases, physical abuse can end up in disability, medical problem and long term issues will arise. Physical abuse leaves mental scars for the individual who have suffered abuse and may have had problem at school or college with concentration, self-control, and anger. The individual who suffered physical abuse, are prone to emotional distress, frightened, self-harm, or run away, angry, worthless. They also tend to suffer more from depression, self-image issues, self-consciousness and low self- esteem.   It can also result in aggression towards others hostilely, fear and trust issues.   There are some social problems as result of the physical abuse and this will be mental problem. Physical abuse can make the individual to manifest themselves as inability to form relationships, poor social skills, and poor cognitive and language skills, disgust of others or either a problem with authority. These problems can not only affect...

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