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Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied Essay Examples


I). A good effort, you can improve it by using some quotes or ayat etc.

II). I think there is no need of referring cases of Ajmal Pahari, Kamran Madhuri, Wali Baber etc in outlines, you can put them in the text.

III). "" Low salaries of the lower judiciary and low infrastructure." ? I do not think that salaries of judiciary is a big issue now, specially in comparison to other civilian employees!

IV) In remedies you may like to mention, professionalism at the level of judges. We have laws for many things but their implementation is one issue and second issue is sound and timely judgment by the judges. If they increase their efficiency than many issues will automatically be resolved...


'Thee woh ik shakhs kay tasawar saay - abb woh ranayee khayal kahaan'

...MERCURY: Mercury is the smallest planet and closest to the Sun of nine planets in the solar system, with an orbital period of about 88earth days. Seen from the earth, it appears to move around its orbit in about 116 days, which is much faster than any other planet. This rapid motion may have led to it being named after the Roman deity Mercury, the fast flying messenger to the gods. Because it has almost no atmosphere to retain heat, Mercury surface experience the greatest temperature variation of all the planets, ranging from 100K (-173 *C; - 280 *F), at night to 700K (427 *C; 800 *F) during the day at some equatorial regions.The poles are constantly below 180K (-93 *C; 136 *F). Mercury axis has the smallest tilt of any of the solar system planets (about 1/3 of a degree), but has the largest orbital eccentricity. At aphelion, Mercury is about 1.5 times as far from the Sun as it perihelion. Mercury surface is heavily cratered and similar in appearance to the Moon, indicating that it has been geologically inactive for billions of years. Mercury does not experience seasons in the same way as most other planets, such as the earth. It is locked so it rotates in a way that is unique in the Solar System. As seen relative to the fixed stars, it rotates exactly for three times for every two revolution it makes around its orbit. As seen from the Sun in a frame of reference that rotates with the orbital motion, it appears to rotate only once every two...

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