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International Project Management Essay


This project invites Master of International Management students to act as consultants for an international business project. This hands-on course provides students with an opportunity to acquire deeper understanding of complex problems in international business and a solution-oriented approach by pitching for a job, composing a compelling offer, establishing project management, and presenting the project results to the client


The overall objective of this course is to provide students with deeper insight into companies’ responses to complex problems in the internationalization process. The alumni of this programme has also gained skills and knowledge on international project management

More specifically, upon completion of the course the successful student is able to:

  • understand the special areas of international marketing management and strategy
  • comprehend companies’ strategies in dealing with challenges in the above-mentioned areas through company presentations and informed discussions with company representatives.
  • develop decision-making skills in international business development by bridging theory and practice.
  • use generic competences in the areas of critical analysis, synthesis, negotiation, leadership,  project management in a multicultural environment, teamwork, communication and presentation


Kathrin Köster, International Project Management, SAGE 2009/2010. Chapters 3-8 (self study, there will be a test in late October)

Journals: www.globalprojectmanagement.org, International journal of project management

Additional literature search will have to be conducted as an essential aprt of the class.

Learning Method

This being a master level course the emphasis lies on applying knowledge and skills and acquiring practical experience. Students are expected to search for information and ask experts for guidance on their own initiative. The instructor assumes the role of the company manager, provides advice and guidance in select areas but also expects students to seek advice actively and provide reports on a regular basis.


Your individual final grading is based on

1)     Project Team Contributions and Cooperation (weight 20%, peer-to-peer evaluation).

·         Project Managers: management effectiveness, management style. 

·         Project Team Members: individual contribution, cooperation, flexibility.

·         All: participation and cooperation in the EYA

2)     Project report: approx. 50 to 60 pages per client/project (weight 30%, evaluated by the lecturer)

·         Understanding of the issue, soundness of the methods and the results, usefulness of the proposed solution, comprehensibility of the information provided, structure and style, language.

3)     Final Presentation (weight 20%, evaluated by the company and the lecturer)

·         Clarity and focus, ability to answer questions, good time-keeping, engaging style.

4)     Project Management Methods (weight 10%, evaluated by the lecturer)

·         Development and application of milestone plan, work packages, time sheets

5)     Via e-Learning submission: Reflection Essay in Project Management (weight 20%)

·         Essay: 3 page reflection on how the content of the book and the free online course (see “required materials”) helped or could have helped, which of the methods or tools were useful, which of the issues or problems you faced were also mentioned in the book or MOOC and how helpful were the solutions proposed. Please note that reading the book and participating in the free online course is a prerequisite for writing a meaningful essay.


Evaluation criteria for the final presentation and report are:

1.     Focus –Did you understand the problem and propose a sound solution? Or did you produce empty blather and gobbledygook?

2.     Comprehensibility – Was the information you provided easy to understand? Or inscrutable and byzantine?

3.     Structure – Was your paper / presentation well-structured? Or was it rather confusing?

4.     Interest – Did your paper / presentation spark interest? Or was it rather dull?

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