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Equal Plus Assignment

+= (Addition Assignment) (Transact-SQL)

Adds two numbers and sets a value to the result of the operation. For example, if a variable @x equals 35, then @x += 2 takes the original value of @x, add 2 and sets @x to that new value (37).

Transact-SQL Syntax Conventions



Is any valid expression of any data type in the numeric category except the bit data type.

Result Types

Returns the data type of the argument with the higher precedence. For more information, see Data Type Precedence (Transact-SQL).

For more information, see + (Addition) (Transact-SQL).

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Addition Assignment Operator (+=) (JavaScript)

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Adds the value of an expression to the value of a variable and assigns the result to the variable.



Any variable.

Any expression.

Using this operator is exactly the same as specifying: .

The types of the two expressions determine the behavior of the operator.

Both expressions are numeric or BooleanAdd
Both expressions are stringsConcatenate
One expression is numeric and the other is a stringConcatenate


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