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Dissertation In Management

Undergraduate Business Management Dissertation Topics: Top 20 Ideas

A Dissertation is the most pivotal and critical work you will ever find yourself doing in college, your undergrad years will be given a new meaning as well as illuminated if you have a paper entitled to your name. And when you are a business management student you better have a top-notch idea, for these ideas would be implemented before you know it. Before you begin perusing the list, kindly note that a dissertation topic must be your own brainchild, should you draw inspiration from any one of the ideas, be aware of improvising it in your own way, get inspired do not imitate:

  1. A study on how Leadership is utilized to bolster the competitiveness in companies
  2. How does socio-cultural diversity affect Leadership in a company
  3. Analysis of the relationship between corporate financial outcome/performance and their degree of social responsibility
  4. A review on the growth of virtual dominions: A comparative study of strategies in e-commerce involving case studies of Ebay.com and Amazon.com
  5. The impact of customer perception on customer loyalty with regards to corporate social responsibility
  6. Integrity in business and how it is governed by the type of language both employers and employees use to communicate
  7. A review on how stereotypical male leadership strategies impact the female workforce
  8. A study of management of change in a startup: connecting strategies and precipitous outcome
  9. How does a business fight negligence displayed by consumers toward their products
  10. Globalization and its impact on business strategies
  11. How does a business motivate its employees without investing surplus money
  12. How does having an account on renowned social networking sites influence a business
  13. Ways in which a business manages employee commitment in the non-profit organizations
  14. Should entrepreneurships be encouraged by business stalwarts and their funding
  15. How much investment is too much for a company concerning its employees
  16. How does feedback policy impact the organizational culture change with respect to financial firm
  17. A review on business strategy and how technology commands over it in totality
  18. How does corporate practice increase the competitiveness and also enhances social condition
  19. A study of the holistic approach to management and how strategies come into play in resolving issues
  20. The importance of motivational strategies embraced by companies: are they effective or just plain simple orientation programs for the employees?

These topics are the basics ones; add in your input by either exploring and researching few case studies or simply creating few.

Organisational Behaviour Dissertation Topics

Organisational behaviour research deals with the actions, plans and programmes, either proactive or reactive, that a firm undertakes in order to achieve pre-defined objectives and accomplish its mission. Organisational behaviour is predominantly influenced by factors internal to the firm as well as the competitive dynamics in the sector in which it operates. Some suggestions for management dissertation topics on organisational behaviour are outlined below.

• Can Tesco replicate the momentum of its Fresh & Easy brand in the American market?
• How can Tesco maintain its dominant market position in the UK?
• What organisational actions does Morrisons need to pursue to increase its market share in the UK? An assessment of its strengths and weaknesses.
• How can Carphone Warehouse ensure a successful cooperation with its joint venture partner Best Buy in the European market?
• Can Ryanair retain its competitive advantage as a low-cost company following the completion of Brexit?
• How can Ryanair maintain its dominance in the European low-cost airline market?
• What organisational changes are needed for financial services firms to remain profitable?
• The case of Enron explained through stakeholder theory.
• How do a lack of business ethics and CSR impact societal welfare? The case of BP oil spill.
• Assessing the advantages and disadvantages of mergers and acquisitions: The case of RBS’s acquisition of ABN Amro.
• What are the key organisational actions needed by RBS to remain competitively advantageous in the UK market?
• How can Sainsbury’s compete successfully with Tesco in the food and non-food categories of its product portfolio?
• How can the ‘big 4’ UK supermarkets (i.e. Morrisons, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s) effectively compete with discount supermarkets (e.g. Lidl, Aldi)?
• How can companies promote ethical behaviour and organisational citizenship behaviours? The influence of corporate ethical values.
• What are the organisational implications for Barclays Group of bringing in the foreign sovereign wealth funds as new equity stakeholders?
• How can easyJet continue to maintain its profitability and market share in the low-cost airline sector?
• How can easyJet organise the firm in order to be flexible in the increasingly dynamic low-cost airline sector?
• An evaluation of the impact of Brexit on international firms’ Human Resources.
• The impact of talent management, work-life balance and retention strategies in the hospitality industry.
• The impact of diversity and globalisation on international firms’ ability to foster commitment and performance in the workplace.
• Do organisational support and perceived organisational competence influence employees’ affective commitment?
• Evaluating the relationship between leadership style, job satisfaction and culture of the organisation
• Employee empowerment and internal marketing: How do they influence workplace performance?

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