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Taco Bell Media Review Essay

to obtain unbiased information on the company. If the company is not sharing true and relevant information, however, the public and the stakeholders will be kept in the dark. Ethics can be individual, social, or professional and all three affect each other. Professionally, whoever is making the decisions needs to decide what is right or wrong based on the company standards. Social ethics are defined by what is right or wrong by society’s definition and individual ethics are based on our own individual morals and values. This past January, Taco Bell faced an ethical dilemma. The company was accused in a civil-action lawsuit of misrepresenting the contents of its beef (Wasserman, 2011). The claims stated they were serving only 35% beef, which according to the USDA is not real “beef.” To be able to call a meat filling beef, it must be at least 40% fresh meat. Reports came out that there were internal documents reporting the “taco meat filling.” This is every company’s worst nightmare. (Kalb, 2011). Taco Bell faced extreme accusations against the quality of their signature product and needed to figure out a way to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. Found in 1962 by Glen Bell, Taco Bell has been one of the leading fast-food companies in the nation for many years. Taco Bell is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc serving Mexican-style fast food. The restaurant serves more than 36.8 million consumers each week in nearly 5,600 locations throughout the United States. Although they have been a stable company for the past few years, this accusation had the power to be extremely detrimental to the company. The lawsuit shook customers faith in the company. People were afraid of what 35% beef meant they were actually eating. The crisis, which has often been referred to as “beef-gate,” (Bischoff, 2011) required Taco Bell to review

Taco Bell, which continues to extract product ideas through focus groups apparently comprised of starving potheads, has been killing it on Twitter for years. The fast food joint regularly tops lists of best brand accounts on social media and has more followers on Twitter alone than the state of Rhode Island has residents.

For good reason! Whichever public relations intern or team of meticulous, well-trained professionals is in charge of @TacoBell is doing a bang-up job with a clever combination of retweets, sassy comebacks, hashtags and whimsical life advice. We kind of, a little bit, maybe want Taco Bell to be our best friend. Here's why.

First off, Taco Bell supports our weird food cravings.

And has celebrity friends.

But Taco Bell also has really great ideas.

And shares our love for "Mean Girls."

It's not afraid to talk back.

Nor does it tolerate bigotry.

And it offers some sage advice.

Taco Bell sends gifts!

(Sometimes while feeding conspiracy theories.)

And it's very accommodating.

It really knows its priorities.

In short, Taco Bell is magic.

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