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Service To Man Is Service To God Essay Wikipedia

Questioner: I would like to understand what is more important, Serving God or Serving Parents?

Dadashri:Serving one's parents is one's moral duty (dharma) religion, regardless of what that relationship may be. The more a person practices this, the happier he will be. Serving the elderly will give you happiness. If you give happiness to your parents, you too will receive happiness. Those who make their parents happy will never be unhappy.

 I met a man I once knew in a spiritual community and asked him what he was doing there. He told me that he had been living there for the past ten years. I told him that his parents were seriously ill and were living in extreme poverty. He told me that he could not do anything because helping his parents would mean forsaking his dharma (religion). How can you call this a dharma? Dharma is to embrace your parents and your family.  Your worldly interaction should be ideal. How can the worldly interaction that forsakes one's relationship with his parents and his duty (dharma) be called a religion(dharma). Do you have parents? 

Questioner: I have a mother. 

Dadashri: From now on, take good care of her. You will not get the benefit of such an opportunity again.If a man tells me that he is very unhappy, I would tell him to take good care of his parents so that worldly miseries do not affect him. He may not become wealthy, but at least he will not have to suffer any pain (dukh). Then later, he is free to practice religion. 

I, too, served my mother; I was twenty years old and was able to take care of her. The only service I did for my father was to carry his body on my shoulders at his funeral. It was then that I came to the realization that I must have had so many fathers in the past lives! Goodness! There must have been so many such fathers in my previous lives. What can we do about that? The least a person can do is take care of the one before him. Those who are not here are gone, but as long as your parents are living and present, take care of them. If they are not around, do not worry about it. Start again from where you left off. Service to one's parents gives instant rewards. One cannot see God, but at least one can see his parents.

To write a speech on service to man is a service to God you should reflect on the necessity of helping others as the most rewarding action to be completed. Such speech is usually presented by people who are faithful and belong to a certain religion. It should not only reflect on the necessity of helping others, but also include certain Christian dogmas that support the notion of the need to assist surrounding people as a sign of loyalty and devotion to God. A speech on service to man is a service to God will be structured in accordance to the basic principles or guiding rules of writing a speech. The following guide will suggest a possible way of writing a speech on the identified topic in a proper way.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

What each of you put in the word faith? Is it only your approach religion, as being the essential truth? Do you see faith as the guiding rule of your everyday decisions? I encourage you today to think of faith as an opportunity. Only once you realize that your relationship with God is based on trust, you will also understand that it is a connection that implied mutual support. On the behalf of God’s promise, it is clear to see that every step in life is carefully planned for you in advance, where every actions brings the consequences that God wants you to experience. However, as a faithful and grateful person, you should also provide your part of share that would establish the mutual connection through support of the surrounding people.

A service to man is a service to God. There is no better way of spreading God’s word, what is the mission for all, than through actions of support, care and love for surrounding people. Help is the key point in the opportunity of showing loyalty to God, who is omnipresent and knows not only each action, but also thoughts as well as our attitudes. There is nothing you can hide from him and the Bible sustains this notion as you are all aware through the description of consequences Jesus’s students faced as a result of own compromises and lies. Service defines one’s heart. Each one of you is God’s follower. However, most importantly, each of you is a representative of God here on Earth. His will for you is to share the benefits and responsibilities through your service.

You might be thinking that the focus of your life should be based on serving Him. You will be right with such consideration. However, God works through people and everything that you do for others will be rewarded. You can show yourself as a faithful man or woman by serving other people and sharing the word of God and proving that you can help others shape the same bond of service. Do not hesitate to take an action. Believing that there is God, who cares and loves is not enough to serve. Attitudes and thoughts should be implemented through actions of service to your neighbors, classmates, friends and members of family. And there is nothing to worry about, as His presence will always be by your side.

Thank you for attention!

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